Poyraz Karayel


264 Episodes



TV Series, Turkish Series

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Poyraz Karayel is a police officer who lives with his son happily. While he is fighting against smuggling, he finds himself in the middle of a trap. He is suspended unjustly because of a crime that he has not committed. He is imprisoned for one year and for this reason, he has lost his son’s custody to his father-in-law. In summary, Poyraz has a life full of contrasts just like his name: Poyraz (northeast wind) Karayel (northwest wind). After one year, he gets out of prison and starts to work as a taxi driver. At the same time, he follows secretly Istanbul’s biggest mafia leader “Bahri”. One day he saves mafia leader’s life in the middle of a gunfight and earns his trust although he has not meant to do it. Due to his agreement with the chief police, he joins to the mafia in order to get his son back from his father-in-law. Meanwhile, Poyraz bumps into “Aisha Gul” who is a beautiful young doctor. They start to fall deeply into each other at the first sight but Poyraz is unaware of the fact that Aisha Gul is the daughter of the godfather Bahri.