205 Episodes


Cem Karci


TV Series, Turkish Series

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Birkan Sokullu, Burcu Biricik, Ecem Özkaya, Seray Gözler


Bayram comes to his hometown in order to make a peace with his close friend Salih. They agree to engage their children Melek and Kerim when they grow up to the age of marriage. Years later, Kerim graduates and gets his master's degree in environmental studies. Even though he wants to live in Germany and works as an instructor at the university, he cannot persuade his father. Kerim has nothing to do but to return to Istanbul because his father wants to keep his promise to his close friend. Eventually, Kerim decides to get engaged to Melek and goes to his hometown in order to ask for Melek's hand in marriage. Meanwhile, Melek's younger sister Hulya activates her plans that no one has taken into account before. She is a passionate girl and desires to get married to Kerim since she was a kid. Soon after, Kerim and Hulya get married. Immediately after they get married, Kerim leaves Hulya behind and goes to Germany in order to continue his ordinary life there. Due to his father, he makes a compulsory marriage but he does not want to have a real marriage with the woman that he has no feeling for.