Gheshr E Morafah


79 Episodes



TV Series, Turkish Series

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It's about two different worlds. The first world is Karam's world. Karam is a hard-working man, his parents work in a rich family's house. Karam always help their grandson and his best friend Mart in everything. One day Mart's grandmother wants from him to manage Olivia supermarket before he manage the commentary. Mart can't manage it so he wanted from Karam to manage the supermarket for one month to make Karam make his own work. The other world is Jansu's world. Jansu is the youngest of her family. She's been always hated by her mother and was told that she brings bad luck to her. Jansu enjoys having fun and being normal, not the way her mother want her to live. One day her mother made a date for Jansu and Mart. But the date failed so she went to a café and saw a woman reads the future. The woman told Jansu that she will love a poor man in a workplace. Jansu went to work in Olivia supermarket and met her new friend Eje. And also met Karam. And everything will start there.