Ghalb Man Movazeb Bash


38 Episodes


Vikram Bhatt


TV Series, Indian Series

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Amitt k Singh, Sanjay Kapoor


Ahana Raichand , a young woman, was always loved by her father. Her mother, Laila Raichand , is a sly, ambitious, greedy woman who cheated on her husband. Ahana’s father dies of shock taking his wife's betrayal too hard. Ahana witnesses their argument hereby developing an intense hatred for her mother. Ahana, frustrated at her life at home after her father's death, finds solace in Anant Mathur , a widowed friend of her father. Saloni Raichand , Ahana's elder sister, is about to be married to her sweetheart, Tarun Gupta . Tarun's father, Mahendra Gupta , is not keen on letting them get married since he is aware of Laila's gold-digging tendencies. He wants Saloni to sign a prenup. When Laila finds out she is infuriated and wants to cancel the wedding