Beautiful City


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The 5-star hotel located in the city of Antalya from the late Roohafza inherited to his nephew Ardashir Roohafza and his deceased uncle's lawyer has offered him to sell the hotel. but Ardeshir and his wife, although understood that lack of management at the end brings irregularities in the management of the hotel and the employee's behavior they are decided Meanwhile, Do not give up too early and try to change it and avoid hasty decisions. their daughter and groom and their grandchildren come to the hotel as incognito. And after a few minutes of their arrival to the hotel, they noticed the irregularities And tried without causing stress and negative energy transmits observations to their parents. The hotel staff was also noticed that indecent behavior of themselves and thought about his future that will be dismissed their jobs At the end of the family meeting. as a result, they accepted the proposed of the lawyer of the late Roohafza and persuaded Roohafza family to sell their hotel. So In this way, they did not lose their job and will receive the commission for this work But the new owners decided to have a positive view for solve the problems and not to surrender and thus begins the story.