Analyze That


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Near the completion of his sentence in Sing Sing prison, Paul Vitti's life is threatened by assassins and corrupt guards while incarcerated. He starts singing showtunes from West Side Story to get the attention of Ben Sobel, who previously hung up on him while attending his father's funeral. The FBI calls in Ben to perform psychiatric tests on Paul to determine if he is feigning insanity. After the tests, it appears Paul's mental state is deteriorating, and the FBI approves Paul's release for one month, into Ben's custody, for further therapy. As Ben drives Paul from prison, Paul immediately reveals that he was faking. Ben talks Paul into finding a regular job as requested by the FBI. Paul attempts to find a legitimate job (he tries a car dealer, a restaurant, and a jewelry store), but his rude manners and paranoia only complicate things further. This ends up in him getting fired each time.